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Gunship Lasers Developed in New Mexico

In a press release sent out in 2003, then congresswoman Heather Wilson, then member of the House Armed Services Committee, brags about the military-based funding she gave for New Mexico.  Her priorities were mission critical operations at Kirtland Air Force … Continue reading

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Fiat Pax: University Profiles

Fiat Pax is a student based site that monitors military influence in universities.  Looks like they were run by students at the University of California system.  They did activism around the UC running Los Alamos, and other military research there.  … Continue reading

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MIT: Still Collaborating With The Pentagon? by Bob Feldman

Here we are reprinting an excellent report on the collaboration of MIT and the Pentagon done by Bob Feldman.  It is a model other universities should use in exposing their military connections. located at: MIT: Still Collaborating With The … Continue reading

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Fayetteville, NC: Fortress of Imperialist Mercenaries

Fayetteville, NC: Fortress of Imperialist Mercenaries Time Magazine had a short piece in its December 1st 2008 issue “Postcard: Fayetteville.  It was about the military influence in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  It is an interesting look at Fayetteville as a military … Continue reading

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Military Influence in the “Educational Crisis”

Crisis perception (2), which is more specific to science and mathematics, includes a prediction of a massive, impending shortage of scientists, mathematicians and engineers. The demand for these people is linked to the unsubstantiated claim that a technological panacea, controlled … Continue reading

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Theodore Postol, MIT, and Missile Defense Research Part 1

Introduction This is a departure from a focus on New Mexico to one on another state, Massachusetts, and another educational institution, MIT, that has strong ties to the military.  Their ties may be institutionally stronger than institutions in New Mexico, … Continue reading

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Military Research Agendas For the Future

Check this page out.  A bit dated but a good Introduction to the threat of military research: Military Research Agendas For The Future, by Steve Mizrach, aka Seeker1 *The Militarization of Space *”Smart Weapons: The Automatization and Mechanization of … Continue reading

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