Fiat Pax: University Profiles

Fiat Pax is a student based site that monitors military influence in universities.  Looks like they were run by students at the University of California system.  They did activism around the UC running Los Alamos, and other military research there.  The tradition of confronting militarism on campus continues from a long history.

It is unclear if this website is still active, for it has older information.

Here is a University Profiles page.  University of New Mexico was at number 15 at nearly $25,000,000 received in 2000.  We will attempt to get more updated information on this page in the future.


University Profiles: The Top 40 Universities Funded by the Military, and how much they recieved in 2000

1. Johns Hopkins University $371,852,000
2. Pennsylvania State University $103,398,000
3 University of Texas Austin $73,248,000
4. University of Southern California $73,248,000
5. Massachusettes Institute of Technology $54,303,000
6. University of Minnesota $41,993,000
7. Stanford $37,637,000
8. University of Washington $35,150,000
9. Carnegie Mellon $30,978,000
10. UC San Diego $30,991,000
11. University of Michigan $28,248,000
12. Utah State University $26,222,000
13. UC Los Angeles $25,282,000
14. Georgia Institute of Technology $25,085,000
15. University of New Mexico $24,878,000
16. Georgetown University $24,584,000
17. UC Berkeley $23,556,000
18. University of Illinois U.C. $21,535,000
19. California Institute of Technology $19,930,000
20. UC Santa Barbara $19,799,000
21. Louisiana State University $19,630,000
22. Cornell University $19,368,000
23. Woods Hole O.I. $19,962,000
24. Northwestern $15,400,000
25. Mississippi State $15,290,000
26. University of Florida $14,752,000
27. University of Arizona $14,668,000
28. University of Colorado $14,517,000
29. Princeton $13,659,000
30. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U. $13,652,000
31. University of Maryland, College Park $13,186,000
32. Purdue University $12,731,000
33. University of Pennsylvania $12,731,000
34. Duke $11,944,000
35. Boston University $11,610,000
36. Harvard $11,591,000
37. North Carolina State $11,552,000
38. Ohio State $11,130,000
39. University of Texas, San Antonio $10,608,000
40. Vanderbilt $9,833,000


About elloborojo

Okay, as the subtitle states, this is a notebook from what I call a New Mexico diaspora (look up diaspora if you are asking). I was a former resident of New Mexico, now living elsewhere, but New Mexico is still my homeland. To get more in touch with your homeland one must be away from it. This is my attempt to understand it. I was a former anti-militarism activist in the Albuquerque area. Still believe that United Snakes militarism is the greatest threat to the world, as do the majority of the worlds population. Uncovered much information about the ties in New Mexico, but never processed it all. This blog is an attempt to do that. Also hope it may come of use to others with similar interests.
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