Interesting Tidbit on Los Alamos and “The Bomb”

I saved an obituary from the New York Times about John Lansdale Jr. He was the head of security for the Manhattan Project, and helped lead American forces to capture Germany’s atomic bomb project before Soviet forces reached it. The mission was known as Alsos, its purpose was to track down Germany’s atomic bomb project and its nuclear scientists before the Soviets did.

The team he was part of lead a strike on a factory in Stassfurt in Northern Germany in April 17, 1945, found 1100 tons of ore, some in the form of uranium oxide, a basic material in atomic bombs, and a week later captured prominent German scientists including Werner Heisenberg and Otto Hahn. It is chronicled in Richard Rhodes “The Making of the Atomic Bomb,” published in 1986.

Here’s an interesting part of the obituary:

” In 1995, Mr. Lansdale added a surprising twist to the story of the surrender of the Nazi submarine U-234 to American forces in May 1945. Bound for Tokyo, the submarine was carrying 10 containers filled with uranium oxide. For years, historians had wondered what the American military did with it.

In an interview with The New York Times in 1995, Mr. Lansdale said the material, originally intended for Japan’s atomic program, instead ended up in the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

”It went to the Manhattan District,” he said. ”It certainly went into the Manhattan District supply of uranium.”

So the atomic bombs that Amerika is so proud of were partially made from Nazi atomic bomb parts. Learning about the atomic bomb one never hears about this. It should be something people are aware of.


O’Connor, Anahad. “John Lansdale Jr., 91, Hunter of Nazi Atomic-Bomb Effort.” New York Times. September 2, 2003. p. C11.


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