Coalition for National Security Research

In an article by the American Psychological Association, Heather O’Beirne Kelly bemoans that no lobbying coalitions are focused on university-based basic research issues and applied funding within the Department of Defense laboratories, even though the DOD provides a substantial proportion of research funding for many disciplines.  Until the founding of the Coalition for National Security Research.

It was spearheaded by Elizabeth Baldwin (formerly with APA Public Policy Office and then with the Optical Society of America as the  Public Policy Manager.   As subset of another lobbying coalition, the Coalition for National Science Funding, which advocated for strong, stable funding for basic reserach in science and engineering, and who were interested in national defense-related research and development issues.  Their goal was to strengthen science and technology programs at the DOD.

Its goal was to persuade Congress and the Pentagon of “how crucial DOD’s science and technology progra is, given that it supports research in the nation’s universities, industry, and military laboratories as the bridge between fundamental science discoveries and future military applications.”

Although psychology was not a big part of DOD funding, the CNSR wanted psychologists included in funding in the future too.


Kelly, Heather O’Beirne.  “Strength in Numbers: Coalition Work and Military Research.” (accessed March 18, 2002)


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