How Fucking Lame is Justice League PAC?

I’m out of New Mexico obviously but keep getting emails and mailings about the election (would think that an out of state address would mean not voting in New Mexico?). One of the lists my email was sold to was the Justice League PAC.

The Justice League PAC is run by pseudo-radicals turned professional political hacks Eli Il Yong Lee and Neri Holguin. Both of these two have been involved in crooked politics before, as described here. This blog cited is of a right wing bent, but New Mexico politics are crooked all across the political spectrum. Knowing these two they don’t stand for grassroots power unless they get some of it themselves.

Anyway, back to their latest venture in shifting nonprofit-industrial complex employment, the Justice League PAC, its goal was, and it was, to get the Democrat, Diane Denish, elected to governor. They try to do this by appearing to be funny, to appeal to young people supposedly.

What is cringe inducing is their gimmicks of a comic strip series. Words cannot describe it so here:



More of these comics are at this link here.

So the whole plot is that Republican Susana Martinez is an evil lockstep robot taking orders from Sarah Palin, against the interests of average New Mexicans. But lo and behold, Diane Denish with her big heart will come and save the day!  All you have to do is vote for her!

Oh please spare me the agony. Are they really promoting the idea that politicians are superheroes?  Sure sure, they got the part where voters are superheroes for voting for Denish, but of course they wouldn’t be nowhere without Denish.

And another cringe inducing piece of propaganda from these geniuses:

Here’s some of the comments on this video, and they are pretty accurate:

Hope this helps get young voters out. It seems a bit strange to me but then I’m 69 yrs. of age.


This is soooo stupid and uninformative. I am 18 and I WANT to vote. But this video makes both sides seem stupid. Talking smack about the other side is not the way to go. BE INTELLIGENT!! Please, if you want young people to vote then show us what we will benefit from and where we will suffer if you want us to truly care.

Wow, what a concept, to be intelligent.  Of course these professional “progressives” can’t seem to respect the intelligence of people.


No, its not your age.. It is just straight up stupid (even for young people) and given the opportunity I’d slap the creator personally barring legal reprocussions.

At long last, the Justice League failed on their mission, for Susana Martinez won with an overwhelming 54 percent of the vote.  And their pathetic Youtube video so far has only 1170 views after election day.

What was the problem?  For one, they pimped out to support a Democrat.  To top that off they made it like a life and death decision if one didn’t vote for Denish.  In reality most people couldn’t care less, especially young people. And why? What has either party done for anyone?

For those young people who are involved and aware, just take this as a lesson: don’t give your support to either party. Even the Greens, they are assholes too. Change doesn’t come from voting, much less voting for a Democrat. If you want to effect change look at who you do it for. See how your politics affects the majority of the world, not spoiled Amerikans. Both parties pander to base interests of its electorate, and have nothing of substance to offer.

The Democrats shift a lot of their work to a network of nonprofits, and many careerists make their living misdirecting idealistic people who want to change things for the better. But be warned, they make their living doing this shit.  Instead do your own thing, make your own materials, set up your own blog, organize your own protest, do your own projects. Don’t be a tool of the Jackass party.


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