Stanley Ikenberry on the Commodification of Education

In 2001 the Chronicle of Higher education reported on the final words of the departing president of the American Council on Education, Stanley O. Ikenberry.  Ikenberry served as A.C.E. president over four years and scheduled a return in June of that year to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  In his remarks at the groups annual meeting he warned about the dangers of market forces in higher education.  The Chronicle reports him saying: “Market forces are in danger of pushing the leaders of colleges and universities out of the driver’s seat at their institutions.”  He is also reported to say: “higher education risks becoming a mere commodity, a change that would undermine such traditional values as academic freedom and scholarly standards of excellence.”

In particular Ikenberry identified three areas where the university was as risk:

  • Athletics:  “Athletics departments…live a life of their own, all but professionalized, part of the entertainment industry, purchased through television revenues and shoe contracts.”  -Ikenberry
  • Corporate sponsorship of research, Commercialization of intellectual property.  According to the Chronicle account paraphrasing Ikenberry: “Many faculty members live dual lives, ‘one as professor and one as entrepreneur-C.E.O., one as mentor and the other as employer.’  Commercial pressures on research, he said, could harm academic culture by bringing conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment into the university setting.”
  • Student aid policies.  ”…market forces are having too much of an influence on student-aid policy, ‘deciding who enrolls, determining what is studied, and shaping the very reason for being of the campus.’  He said such forces risk endangering the principle that any qualified student, regardless of family income, should be able to attend college.”

“He urged leaders in higher education to push back harder against the forces of commercialization, to bring athletics programs back in tune with the academic mission, to be bette advocates of need-based aid, and to do their best to protect the ‘integrity of the core academic…’”


Wheeler, David.  “Market Forces Endanger Higher Education.”  Chronicle of Higher Education.  February 20, 2001.  (retrieved 9/10/2001 via dti-discuss listserv)


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