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The National Atomic Museum

This is a postcard from the National Atomic Museum in Albuquerque, back when it was based on Kirtland Air Force Base.  I went there once when I was younger going with my dad.  It was one of the few places … Continue reading

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Prequels to Mini-Nukes

Reference: by Thomas Dowler and Joseph H. Howard II. “Countering the Threat of a Well-Armed Tyrant: A Modest Proposal for Small Nuclear Weapons.”  Strategic Review.  XIX, No. 4 (Fall 1991).  Pg. 34-40. 

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Richard Peck, former UNM president and Corporate Shill

Going through my research I thought to write an article about the former president of UNM during my tenure there.  Richard Peck, or Dr. Richard Peck as he or one of his flunkies would call him.  The Strangelovian atmosphere of New … Continue reading

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The Other UNM: How UNM aids business and the military

An article in the New Mexico Business Journal in February 1997 entitled “The Other UNM” looks at how UNM is used by business.  More evidence of UNM itself serving corporate interests, and how universities as a whole are shifted toward … Continue reading

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Increase in federal research dollars at UNM in the 1990’s

There was once someone who said to a journalist, “follow the money.” There is a reason for this.  Money always leaves some type of trail.  And that trail leads to bigger things found out. I have written extensively about the … Continue reading

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