The Other UNM: How UNM aids business and the military

An article in the New Mexico Business Journal in February 1997 entitled “The Other UNM” looks at how UNM is used by business.  More evidence of UNM itself serving corporate interests, and how universities as a whole are shifted toward these interests.

As quoted by Lee Zink, UNM associate vice president for research/business and government relations, “We try to use the educational research resources that we develop at the University to assist the business community where possible.”  Zink also managed Business Link, which was “a notion of how to organize the University to more effectively serve the needs of the business community.”

NMBJ also states “

UNM offers a wide array of business related research and outreach activities through a loose-knit web of institutes, offices, semi-autonomous corporations and other entities. Some address the needs of small business, others work with nonprofits, and still others have partnered with big business and national laboratories. Some walk the “bleeding edge” of technology hand-in-hand with industry and national laboratories, while others will help you pick out a computer system to get you on e-mail.

They have one thing in common: not strictly educational, they instead cluster along the “research” and “community service” axis of the UNM mission.”


This community service axis is usually geared to elite communities within New Mexico.

*On the Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Director Brian McDonald describes its founding in 1946 along with others like it at other state universities over “concerns that after World War II, cuts in defense spending would drive the national and state economies into recession. Bureaus were created to promote the economic development of state economies by keeping socio-economic information and doing research.”  Today BBER serves clients like Air Force Phillips Laboratory, Los Alamos National Labs, the health care industry, and the tourist industry.  It received then $200,000 from UNM and $400,000 to $500,000 from research projects and grants.

*The Technology Assistance Office “supports public and private economic development organizations across New Mexico.”  In 1992 it changed its name from the Business Assistance and Resource Center and refocused its mission to technology transfer.  This was later split to the Science and Technology corporation at UNM. 

*Science and Technology at UNM “is dedicated to commercializing faculty inventions – either through licensing arrangements or by supporting startup companies – and to managing and developing the University’s Science and Technology Park.”  Formed in 1994, operational in May 1995.  It is a 150 acre research park with bonding authority.  Chuck Wellborn was its president.  It has its separate governing board appointed by the UNM Regents, and 60 percent of the board must be independent of the university. Research parks have taken off with changes in the law in the 1980’s, specifically the Bayh-Dole Act, which gives universities the authority to take titles to inventions by its employees.  UNM retains ownership of patents made through research, the commercial licenses are set up so that Science and Technology gets 40 percent of licensing fees, 40 percent goes to the inventor, and 20 percent to the inventors department.  Tenants include Lockheed Martin, Sandia, TVI, Los Alamos Labs, and Industry Network Corporation, among others.  This latter is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

*Robert O. Anderson School of Management.  Right wingers always talk about how universities are full of liberals and leftists.  This idea is a myth, for the university is a conservative right wing institution.  Case in point is the Anderson School of Management, the largest funded institution at UNM, dedicated to propogating corporate capitalism.  Provides resources and grad students to business interests in New Mexico.

Other institutions are the Alliance of Transportation Research, the Center for High Technology Materials, the new Mexico Engineering Research Institute, and the Institute of Advanced Microelectronics. 

With all these resources they are not geared to solving the great issues of our day such as poverty.  They are out to create more profits for businesses without businesses incurring risks, and to build more weapons of war. 



Charles PolingThe other UNM“. New Mexico Business Journal.  February 1997.  Pp. 15-36. Accessed at 03 Jun, 2012


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