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Patents, University Ownership, and Cancer Therapy – The Case of Galen Knight and Terence Scallen

In my last article, I explored the growth of the biotechnology industry due to changes in federal law allowing universities to keep patents created from publicly funded research. It also allowed them to commercialize that research to private companies for … Continue reading

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Notes on Biotechnology and Universities

The corporatization of the universities accelerated in the 1980’s and after. Due to passage of a federal law by Congress, universities became open to corporations to profit off their federally funded research. The biggest field is biotechnology. In 1980, Congress … Continue reading

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Notes on the Corporatization of Education

Here is some notes compiled about corporations making inroads into education, both higher and pre-college, in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Back in 1992 Ralph Nader wrote a column in the June 25th edition of The Digital Collegian of Penn … Continue reading

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Book Review: Weapons in Space, by Karl Grossman (2001)

Weapons in Space is a booklet published in 2001 by Seven Stories Press as part of its Open Media Pamphlet Series. Written by journalist Karl Grossman, who also wrote about the potential dangers of nuclear-powered spacecraft like the Cassini. This … Continue reading

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