El Lobo Rojo, Notes from a New Mexico Diaspora.

I am a former resident of New Mexico. Also a former anti-militarism activist there.  Leaving New Mexico to live in another state I brought my research with me.

This journal is my attempt to make sense of all the archives I collected while I was there and doing activism.  It will document the military colonization of New Mexico, and hopefully be of use to future organizers there fighting the imperial war machine located there. We will also explore the corporatization and militarization of the universities, where New Mexico universities are only a part. These are only some steps to bring down this militaristic empire.

I appreciate comments and feedback on anything that is written here.  Or better yet do something yourself.  If you want to share information send me an email at siglodelucha@yahoo.com


3 Responses to About

  1. Richard J. Griego says:

    Dear Lobo Rojo, I have come upon your website while doing research for an article I am writing on the Centennial of New Mexico becoming a state in 1912. My perspective is that New Mexico is in a colonial status with respect to the U.S. and that the Centennial should be condemned, not celebrated. I appreciate your perspectives and will be interested in reading your postings on the high profile of the military in our state. I too am concerned about the militarization of our state. I am a retired UNM mathematics professor and native Nuevomexicano. Best, Richard (Ricardo) Griego

    • elloborojo says:

      Hi Ricardo,

      Thanks for reading my blog, and I’m glad it came of use to you. I would agree with you on the Centennial of New Mexico statehood, New Mexico along with other states stolen from Mexico and our people are in a colonial status. Is there any opposition to celebrations this year?

      Thank you for the feedback on the research I have done on the military influence in the state. I started this to get answers to these questions, and only hope that it brings these things to light to bring answers. I will write a few more articles about these questions, and may take time off to focus on other research I have. Will keep readers informed about any new journeys.

      Also, I welcome any contributors to this blog. If you have any writing you would like to share please contact me.

  2. protestfolk says:

    Great collection of important information about special influence of u.s. military-industrial-university-media-foundation complex in New “Nuclear” Mexico. Glad that you took the time to share and post all your great research onto the internet for current and future anti-war movement activists in New Mexico to utilize.

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