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Predators and Prey: The Rise of Drone Warfare

I was in New Mexico during the early part of the aughties, the era that, starting in 2001, brought in 9/11, which spawned the War on Terrorism, then the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. One thing these wars brought, along … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Namebase and other Watchdog Sites

A couple days ago I tried to go to the link and found it no longer was there.  Further inquiry found this: Scroogle, the search engine operated by privacy militant and self-appointed Wikipedia watchdog Daniel Brandt, has folded … Continue reading

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Heather Wilson, Qynergy, and Paul Shirley: Military Influence in New Mexico’s 1st District

(written a few years ago, the sources were lost but easily obtainable for those looking) Recently Heather Wilson helped pass a $391 billion Defense Appropriations bill which included $15.7 million for defense projects that will be conducted primarily in New … Continue reading

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CIA and Military Involved in Venture Capital Investing

CIA and Military Involved in Venture Capital Investing   Further evidence of the military-corporate alliance is the military and intelligence agencies involved in venture capital schemes. In 2002 Congress gave the Army $25 million to establish an independent venture capital … Continue reading

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Notes on CIA Recruitment

The CIA increased recruitment in the late 1990’s. Other intelligence agencies did the same.  The NSA is looking for mathematicians. All agencies are looking for analysts, computer programmers, engineers, linguists, and scientists, as well as traditional spies. In 1999 Congress … Continue reading

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