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Predators and Prey: The Rise of Drone Warfare

I was in New Mexico during the early part of the aughties, the era that, starting in 2001, brought in 9/11, which spawned the War on Terrorism, then the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. One thing these wars brought, along … Continue reading

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A Look at Military Research Post 9/11

Here we will explore how military research agendas changed after 9/11, in the era of the War on Terrorism.  Even before 9/11, the Bush administration was considering troop cuts to free up money for modernization. Personnel are the most expensive … Continue reading

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Military Directing Scientific Research

Military Directing Scientific Research Back in June 2001 the Defense Department stated it was pouring more research dollars into high energy lasers, microwave systems, and other advanced weapons needed to fight 21st century wars quickly and decisively.  These include unmanned … Continue reading

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Partnership Between Military, Industry and Academia Pays Off

In 2000 the Office of Naval Research greated the Power Electronic Building Blocks (PEBBs) Science and Technology program.  It was touted as an example of ONR funded partnership between government, industry and academia.  By encouraging insustry “buy in” early in … Continue reading

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Penn State Developing “Non-Lethal” Weapons

Penn State is an institution that is not shy about its military connections.  It is one of the largest funded institutions by the military.  It is increasingly being funded by Homeland Security, and a leader in directing research to so-called … Continue reading

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Business, the Military, and Commercialization

MIOX, Military, and Commercialization Another small example of military influence in New Mexico. The Albuquerque Journal reported on Albuquerque-based company MIOX getting a Popular Science Best of What’s New award for a MSR MIOX Purifier. It was in use by … Continue reading

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MIT: Still Collaborating With The Pentagon? by Bob Feldman

Here we are reprinting an excellent report on the collaboration of MIT and the Pentagon done by Bob Feldman.  It is a model other universities should use in exposing their military connections. located at: MIT: Still Collaborating With The … Continue reading

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