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Nuclear Missiles In Colorado

Here’s a flyer I obtained while in Colorado around the mid 2010’s. The nuclear weapons legacy exists in many regions of this country, along with opposition to it. Advertisements

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Depleted Uranium, New Mexico, and Resistance

Another role that New Mexico plays as part of the military industrial complex is its part in the development of depleted uranium weapons. Their use was widely reported in many military interventions in the post-Cold War era, along with the … Continue reading

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Nukes in the Duke City: The Nuclear Weapons Bunker in Albuquerque

Introduction In 2017, with the era of Trump as US president, and increased military world tensions, there is growing fear of the possible use of nuclear weapons. One pariah state, North Korea, the DPRK, is attempting to acquire nuclear weapons … Continue reading

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When an H-Bomb Dropped near Albuquerque

Albuquerque has long had a nuclear legacy. One part of it was the time when a hydrogen bomb was accidentally dropped in Albuquerque. It is no surprise since Kirtland Air Force Base hosted the world’s first assembly plant for the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Weapons in Space, by Karl Grossman (2001)

Weapons in Space is a booklet published in 2001 by Seven Stories Press as part of its Open Media Pamphlet Series. Written by journalist Karl Grossman, who also wrote about the potential dangers of nuclear-powered spacecraft like the Cassini. This … Continue reading

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NRC Furloughed During Shutdown

From the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Website ( Due to the lapse in government funding, the NRC’s website was last updated on October 9, 2013, and will not be updated until further notice. Normal business activities (including public meetings) are suspended. … Continue reading

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Los Alamos, the Nuclear City on The Hill

In the northern part of the state of New Mexico there is the city of Los Alamos, birthplace of the atomic bomb and a place that makes up a significant part of the military colonization in the state. What makes … Continue reading

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